At present I am facilitating two International trainings in Family and Systemic Constellations and Trauma Healing

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What is Family Constellation?

Are you happy and fulfilled in your life?  Is there anything that you would like to improve or is there a dream that you are secretly keeping in your heart that you would like to live? And have you wondered sometimes, why – despite you trying hard and doing everything to reach your goals – things are not manifesting in your desired direction? 

Many of the issues that we face in our lives today are related to our family of origin, e.g.: Family or relationship issues, physical and/or psychological issues, such as heart disease, cancer, back pain, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, phobia, addiction, as well as professional issues, and others.

Family Constellation is a gentle, yet powerful technique that exposes and heals those relations. Through role’playing’, intuition and the guidance of the facilitator, the client gets a different perspective and can experience transformation.

In a single session, a family constellation can reveal a previously unrecognized systemic dynamic that spans multiple generations in a given family, and it can resolve the deleterious effects of that dynamic by encouraging the client to accept the factual reality of the past.

Family Constellation diverges significantly from conventional forms of cognitive, behaviour and psychodynamic therapy. The method has been described as quantum quackery.  It incorporates the idea of morphic resonance (as described by Rupert Sheldrake) into the explanation of it.

Many present-day problems and difficulties may be influenced by traumas suffered in previous generations of the family, even if those affected now are unaware of the original event in the past. A theoretical foundation for this concept is called The Ancestor Syndrome in psychology. We refer to the relation between present and past problems that are not caused by direct personal experience as Systemic entanglements, said to occur when unresolved trauma has afflicted a family through an event such as murder, suicide, death of a mother in childbirth, early death of a parent or sibling, war, natural disaster, emigration, abuse or other traumatic events which can have occurred even several generations before. The psychiatrist Ivan Boszormenye Nagy referred to this phenomenon as Invisible Loyalties.

How does it work?

Constellations can be done in an individual session as well as in a group setting. The greater benefit will obviously be attained in a group setting as described below.

Members of the group can explore an urgent personal issue. Generally, several members will be given an opportunity to set up a Constellation in each session. After a brief interview, concerning the issue of the client, the facilitator suggests who will be represented in the Constellation. These are usually a representative for the client, one or more family members, and sometimes abstract concepts such as “depression” or a country. The person presenting the issue (client) asks people from the group to stand in the Constellation as representatives. He or she arranges the representatives in relation to each other according to what feels right in the moment. The client then sits down and observes. Several minutes elapse with the representatives standing still and silent in their places. Unlike psychodrama, the representatives do not act, pose, dialogue or role play. Emphasis is placed on perceptive intuition in placing the representatives and in subsequent steps of the procedure. The facilitator may ask each representative to briefly report how they feel being placed in relation to the others. A healing resolution for the issue generally is supposedly achieved after re-positioning the representatives and adding key members of the system who have been forgotten or written out of the family history. When every representative feels right in his or her place and the other representatives agree, the facilitator may suggest one or two sentences to be spoken aloud. If the representatives do not feel at peace with their new position or sentences, they can move again or try a different sentence. This is claimed, in an abstract way, to represent a possible resolution of the issues faced by the client. Sometimes the process concludes without a full resolution being achieved.

Some life experiences such as trauma need additional attention and care to heal. In a group everyone’s presence and attention contributes to the healing of each individual. Not every participant has to reveal their personal stories in front of the group, the group itself is working as a healing field. Clients will participate in their own constellation and support others in theirs, and they will benefit from each constellation by being engaged in this field.

What will you get out of participation in Family Constellation:

You will gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics within your family of origin, country, culture, religion, etc, that have unconsciously influenced who you have become. You will be more accepting of the past and come to peace with your origin. You will gain strength for living your life in the present. You will be more at peace with who you are and who you have become.

Systemic Constellations can also be applied to issues concerning corporations or any other social systems.


What will you get out of participating in Family and Systemic Constellation and Trauma Healing Training:

If you are working as a therapist/councellor/ coach: You will be enabled to use constellation and systemic tools in therapeutic settings and in coaching, both in individual sessions and in groups. Using constellation techniques in your work will enrich your “toolset” tremendously. You will be enabled to look at hidden dynamics in a client’s family system in a way that cannot be revealed by any other method. More so, constellations are a fast way to look at and possibly resolve unhealthy entanglements that may cause the client unnecessary suffering.

In other professions e.g. teachers, lawyers, physicians, social professions: You will benefit from a deeper understanding of hidden dynamics in any systems of your clients, which will enhance and refine your professional skills.

In your personal life: You will gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics that have influenced and shaped you into who you have become in your life. You will be able to change destructive behaviour patterns and act more freely in your life. You will have more choices in your life, so that you can be happier and more content.



How is the training structured:

The training focusses on self experience, practical application and theoretical knowledge. You will participate in your own constellation as a self experience as well as being representatives in the constellations of the others. Through this the “technical” aspect is learned best. Additionally you will learn about the theoretical background of systemic and constellation work, storytelling and trauma healing. Other themes are: the art of self help; constructing a family tree/ genogram; the nature of trauma; storytelling as a tool.

In addition to methods you will learn about Sakino’s very special approach to therapy in general. You will benefit from her more than 40 years of working with people, her understanding of human condition, development and healing wounds from the past. You will learn to be truly yourself, to listen to the ‘Otherness’, not only in others, but also in yourself. You will learn how to integrate and accept the ‘Other’, both in yourself and in others, by creating dialogue instead of fighting, peace instead of war.

The training will be held in 6 modules. Alltogether it consists of 36 days of 8 units each. The training also includes 1 individual session, which helps you to integrate the processes of the training. This can be taken personally or by skype.

In Israel each module is held in two subsequent weekends Thursday 17:00 – Saturday 19:00, starting in December 2019. 

In Germany each module is held in 6 days, Friday 18:00 – Wednesday 18:00, starting October 2019.

Language of the training in Israel: English (with Hebrew translation, if needed)

Language of the training in Germany: German and English (with translation, if needed)

Maximum number of participants: 20


Each module will have a specific subject:

  1. Module: Family Constellation: Basic principles part1
  2. Module: Family Constellations: Basic principles part 2
  3. Module: Biographical work, working with genograms, storytelling
  4. Module: Constellations in individual sessions and in different settings
  5. Module: Dealing with Trauma
  6. Module: Practical application, The Art of Self Care

Participants will be expected to do assignments between the modules. After completion of all parts of the training participants will receive a certificate of participation and completion.

For more details, tuition and booking for the Israel training please contact Tarika Chetan:

For more information about contents of the training and for the German training, please contact Sakino:


Price for Berlin training:  4200,00 Euro

With booking a down payment  of 600 Euro is required, which secures the place in the training. The remainder is to be paid in 4 installments of 900Euro. Any other installment rates are negotiable. 

Dates in Berlin 2019 - 2021

Dates in Israel 2018 - 2020

Module 1: 13. – 15.12., 27. – 29.12.2018

Module 2: 7. – 9.3., 21. – 23.3. 2019

Module 3: 16. – 18.,5., 30.5. – 1.6.2019

 Module 4: 5. – 7.9., 19. – 21.9.2019

Module 5: 5. – 7.12., 19. – 21.12.2019

Module 6: 12. – 14.3., 26. – 28.3.2020

Dates in Israel 2019 – 2021

Module 1: 12. – 14.12., 26. – 28.12. 2019

Module 2: 5. – 7.3., 19. – 21.3. 2020

Module 3: 4. – 6.6., 18. – 20.6. 2020

Module 4: 3. – 5.9., 17. – 19.9. 2020

Module 5: 3. – 5.12., 17. – 19.12. 2020

Module 6: 4. – 6.3., 18. – 20.3. 2021


Module 1: 11.10. –  16.10.2019

Module 2: 31.01. – 05.02.2020

Module 3: 03.07. –  08.07.2020 

Module 4: 16.10. –  21.10.2020

Module 5: 29.01. –  03.02.2021

Module 6: 09.04. – 14.04.2021

Starts first day at 18pm, finishes last day at 18pm 



Dates in Humaniversity 2019 – 2021

                                                                                          Module 1: 15.11. – 20.11.2019
Starts first day 10am, ends last day at 19pm.
Dates for modules 2 – 6 follow shortly

"Remembering the training and what kind of impact it had on my life, I can summarize in the following way:

The training completely changed my basic attitude towards life. It provided me with a kind of ‘carpet’ on which I can allow myself to fall back, on which I can rest during difficult times, which gives me relaxation, serenity and footing.

It works not only when I am working with people, e.g. in a business context. It works through me, my attitude. What I have learned touches others in a more random way, by my natural way of being."

(Julia R.)