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I am facilitating International trainings in Family and Systemic Constellations and Trauma Healing, called 

‘Heal your Roots’

You find a detailed description and new training dates 2021 – 2024 for Germany and Israel below.

All trainings are held in English (with translation if needed).

Due to the uncertainties during Covid-19 time – please check in for any changes.

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‘Heal your Roots’


Sharings, Family and Systemic Constellations, Meditations, Trauma Healing structures

Next course: 4. January 2022 – 15. March 2022

In these challenging times we might get triggered, and old traumata and unresolved issues from the past may pop up in unexpected ways and disturb and even shatter us deeply. I created this course so that people have a place to share and be listened to, without being judged or given uninvited advice. In every session, after an initial meditation and sharing, I will work with one participant on a specific issue. This could be a constellation or another way of working, like trauma healing methods, depending on the issue. Whether you work on your own issue or you are holding space for someone else in a session, in any case you will benefit for your own life, by being in a healing field together, gaining a deeper understanding of the universality of human nature and suffering, identifying with themes of others, learning together and supporting each other. Participants have shared in past courses that this group is the only place for them to share about their deepest issues.

You will learn:
  • How old patterns from our family of origin still influence us deeply.
  • How you can resolve them and live more fulfilled and free.
  • What supports you in this process.
  • How you can let go.
  • How you can support yourself and your loved ones.
  • How you can create strong resources and use them.
  • Through family /systemic constellations and other techniques you will gain a deeper understanding.
  • Healing rituals, meditations, small structures to give you tools to use in your daily life.


  • There will be space for questions and answers.
  • You will also receive some bonus materials.
  • The course consists of 10 lessons of 2 hours each.
  • Dates: 10. August  – 12. October 2021, every Tuesday 18:00 – 20:00 pm CEST.

Here is a comment from one of the participants of the Online Basic Course:

‘I am one of the fortunate participants who is about to join for the 5th time. The international character of these meetings and the outstanding skills of Sakino as a professional facilitator, make to me the Tuesday evening meetings an important moment of the week where we can share and learn. I have made a big shift in my personal growth throughout the last year, thanks to this wonderful group and the loving care of Sakino’. (Veeto Erika Flock, Netherlands)

What you will gain:

Deeper understanding of family and systemic constellation work, basic understanding of trauma, easy to apply tools for daily life.

Who is this course for:

Everyone. Especially also for people working with people – therapists, people in any helping professions, teachers, lawyers, social workers, educators, counselors.

Costs: 299,00€

For further informations and booking please contact me :
Mail: sakino1082@aol.com
Phone: ..49 172 914 66 09
Limited number of spaces!




‘Heal your Roots’

Family and Systemic Constellation and Trauma Healing Training

What is Family and Systemic Constellation?

Family and Systemic Constellations are  gentle yet powerful techniques that reveals and heals our family ties.

Through family constellation

  • We will reveal behavior patterns in the family system that continue from generation to generation
  • We will understand the hidden dynamics in our family
  • We will get different perspective and a deeper understanding of our emotional and behavioral patterns
  • We will allow full acceptance of the facts that have occurred in the past, thus solving their harmful effects on our lives
  • We will bring healing, acceptance and completion to relationships in our lives
  • We will allow love that has been frozen to flow again and a very ancient sense of separateness to dissolve itself
  • We will feel connected again, to ourselves, to our loved ones, to life
  • This method can also be used for study in organizations and teams

Is the training suitable for me and what will I get from it?

If you are a therapist, counselor, coach, or anyone intending to engage in working with people, you can use the constellation method in individual and group settings.

The constellation method will enrich your professional toolbox by enabling you to uncover hidden dynamics in your client’s family system, in a way that is not possible with other treatment methods.

Furthermore, constellation is a very fast way to detect and sometimes even repair unhealthy entanglements that may cause the client unnecessary suffering

If you work with people such as counselor, teacher, doctor, doula, midwife, mentor, etc., you will gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics inherent in your client’s various systems, which will enrich their professional capabilities and yours in a significant way

You, for yourself, will understand more deeply the dynamics of your family of origin, your past, your country, your culture, etc., that have shaped you and influenced who you have become.

You will accept and come to terms with your past and your origin, change destructive patterns of behavior, and live your life in a free, natural, satisfying and happy present.

Beyond the constellation techniques you will learn about storytelling, basic trauma healing methods and other.

Furthermore, you will learn about my very special approach to therapy and counselling.  My attitude to human condition, my patience and ability to create a safe container are what makes the teaching a deep and unique experience, not to be missed.

Here a few testimonials from students:

‘The process I went through in my studies with Sakino was one of the most significant things I have done in my life.  It is a process that has brought a great deal of health, tranquility and harmony to my life.  Sakino holds a healing space I have never seen before. A safe, enabling and very very attentive space, where even the most sensitive person receives visibility, recognition and respect for his needs, along with the deep healing of past experiences. It is a space where wounds can rise to the surface and heal. A space that teaches us to be more attentive to ourselves.   In these encounters I discovered truths that lived in me unconsciously, and I rediscovered myself in very deep ways, that I had not experienced before. Like a key detector, this process knows how to locate key issues that live within us, and allow subtle yet deep changes, to occur. I learned a lot from Sakino, both as a clinic therapist, and as a constellation and group facilitator.

In fact, Sakino understands trauma and post-trauma expressions in the most detailed, professional and profound way I have ever encountered, and therefore, the space she holds knows how to address all of these very well.

This is an experience that I recommend to anyone who loves themselves, and love people, even before addressing the rich professional tools that this course provides. The experience of the constellations with Sakino, builds inside the knowing that there is a place for everything, and for everyone within the group, within the whole. The family constellation itself is a tool that has both the ability to really touch the root, very quickly and very sharply, as well as a space of magic, and healing that is sometimes experienced as a miracle. Therefore, I  recommend therapists and group facilitators to give themselves this gift, heal the roots of their being, and become better therapists and facilitators, with a larger and more attentive container.

Thank you dear Sakino, for all you have given me, personally and professionally.   Ayala Emma On 2021


‘My constellation teacher Sakino Mathilde Sternberg has rich and deep study and experience, as well as being of German Origin. This healing and transformational work is her most precious gift to all people. Every constellation that we did including Holocaust material was undeniably strengthened by the inclusion of her presence as the powerful space-holder she is and also as someone of German origin.’ M.L.2021

About me: 

I am born in Germany, hold a diploma in Clinical Psychology, and I have over 40 years of experience in various fields of therapy and counseling. I am specializing in Systemic Family Therapy (Virginia Satir), Trauma Therapy (NARM, SE) and more.
Trained in family and systemic constellation by Bert Hellinger, founder of the this method, and others.

In addition, I was trained in:

  • Primal Therapy (Early Childhood Work Sexuality Therapy
  • Body-focused psychotherapy and Somatic Experiencing
  • Gestalt therapy
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Encounter
  • Client Centered Psychotherapy and storytelling
  • Trained by Bert Hellinger (Germany), Dr. Peter Levine (USA), Dr. Lawrence Heller (USA), Prof. Dan Bar-On (Israel), Prof. Meinolf Peters (Germany), Denny Yuson (Netherlands), Dr. Gunthard Weber (Germany), Dr. Stephen Porges, Dr. Gabor Mate, and others.
  • I am working in Berlin in my private clinic, I facilitate workshops and training sessions in Europe and around the world.
  • I am known for my precision and intuition, endowed with deep love for the human condition and sensitivity as well as (almost) limitless patience.

How is the training structured?

Total training will be 36 days of 8 training units – total 288 training units

Each module will deal with a specific topic

Module 1
Family Constellation – Basic Principles Part 1
We will facilitate the constellation of each participant’s family of origin.
Participants will learn about their family system as well as the ‘order of love’, which includes the basic principles of place, order and balance, as described by Bert Hellinger.

Module 2
Family Constellation – Basic Principles Part 2
We will facilitate constellations on specific topics such as: relationships, various body symptoms, illnesses, cultural issues, social issues and more

Module 3
Biography Seminar, Working with Genograms and Storytelling – We will work in depth with each participant’s personal lifestory using genograms, photos and gathering detailed information over several generations.
This module includes also healing and cleansing ceremonies. This part requires various preparation activities, which are assigned in  Module 2.

Module 4
You will learn how to conduct constellations in individual sessions, using symbols, placeholders and imaginations.
You will also learn to use constellations beyond the definition of a family, for example, corporations, social systems, etc. You will in addition learn how to use constellation work online.

Module 5
Coping with trauma – You will learn about the dynamics of trauma, how to identify it and how to deal with trauma in the constellation and how to protect from (re) experiencing trauma.

Module 6
Practical Implementation and Supervision – Students will practice constellations with each other under supervision. You will learn how to practice self-care – how to protect yourself and stay healthy and strong while dealing with your client’s life issues, families, and relationships.

  • Participants will receive assignments between modules
  • The course will be conducted in English with translation if needed
  • Some of the modules will also be attended by students from other countries around the world
  • After completing all parts of the training, you will receive a certificate of participation and completion

Participation in the training is only possible in full – the number of places in the course is limited, so we will not allow partial participation.

The certificate

If you have attended all modules and fulfilled all the requirements of the program you will receive an international certification on behalf of the “Joy of Living” institute in Germany.

Since I am a member of the Official Psychotherapists Organization in Germany, as well as the “German Systemic Constellation Association”, the certificate is internationally recognized.

‘Heal your Roots’ 3. Training in Berlin: Open!

Dates 2021 – 2023:

Module 1: 5.-10.11.2021
Module 2: 14.-19.1.2022
Module 3: 15.-20.4.2022
Module 4: 26.-31.8.2022
Module 5: 11.-16.11.2022
Module 6: 20.-25.1.2023

Training Fee: 4600,00€

To confirm your booking and reserve your space, a deposit of 600,00.€ is required. The remaining amount can be paid in 10 monthly installments of 400,00€. Other installment options can be negotiated.

If you pay the whole amount at once, you will receive a 10% discount on the full price.

Training times: Friday 17 – 20 h, Saturday – Wednesday: 11 – 18 h


‘Heal your Roots’ 6. Training in Israel: Open!

Dates 2022 – 2024:

Module 1: 15. – 17.9. 2022; 22. – 24.9.2022 (in person)

Module 2: 8. – 10.12. 2022; 15. – 17.12.2022 (online)

Module 3: 16.-18.3. 2023; 23. – 25.3.2023 (in person)

Module 4:  June 2023 soon to be scheduled (online)

Module 5: 31.8. – 2.9. 2023; 7.- 9.9. 2023 (in person)

Module 6: February/March 2024 soon to be scheduled (in person)


For further informations and booking please contact me :
Mail: sakino1082@aol.com
Phone: ..49 172 914 66 09
Limited number of spaces!