“Just completed the second part of the Family Constellation Training with Sakino Mathilde Sternberg. It was again a very deep and profound experience. This time I found myself working with deep feeling of grief and sadness. It was of course my own grief that I was dealing with but at the same time I felt I was releasing a deeper collective grief.
I’m very grateful for this work, as I feel that as an individual I’m able to bring healing to myself, my family, my country and eventually the world. I have seen a woman stepping out of an old habit – the feeling she had to pay a price for love and finding its roots in a total un expected place, and another woman that could bring light to her fear of commitment and find its cause. I’m looking forward to the rest of this training and to combine this work in my work. Thank you Sakino, you are a beautiful teacher and friend.”
Sambodhi Sharon Argov, 2015

“I have attended some Family Constellation workshops with Sakino Mathilde Sternberg. She lives in Germany but has been over to the UK to run some workshops. …As many of us home school, the workshops have always been inclusive of children in whichever way suits them. we’ve found them to join us to play a magical part and then drift off to play again.” L.G. 2015

“Following a brand new concept in the UK of integrating the needs of our children whilst we (parents) get time and the opportunity to work on our ‘stuff’ – generation, karma, family dynamics, interpersonal relationships, and trauma, too. A professional approach is assured by the presence of Sakino Mathilde Sternberg. Her gentle and extreme effective approach is based on decades of experience within the field of family constellation, combined with her expertise in developmental trauma and transgenerational trauma. The technique’s results are stunning and often mind-blowingly instant and beautiful, bringing fragmented family aspects together within ourselves.” U.M., 2015

“I first met Sakino 8 years ago and through her discovered and became fascinated with Family Constellations and then Systemic Constellations. I have been working in group facilitation and personal coaching for many years and new tools and/or a new approach to facilitating groups and coaching is always useful. Sakino is an inspiring facilitator, her professionalism and precision are a joy to watch and her respect when working with the clients is what I aspire to. I waited a long time to train in Family and Systemic Constellation with Sakino and it’s now happening at The Humaniversity in Holland. 6 workshops over 3 years (twice a year: February and November). I look forward to continuing my training with Sakino” Preminna Krotov Gardiner, 2016

I am very impressed how gentle and profound Sakino’s work is. I feel like a total new person after having done the Life Line work for two days. It also has had a very healing effect in my family to my mum and my daughters. It was such a blessing being able to take part in the group. I gained so much and I am not able to put into words how grateful I am. It works on many levels in a very subtle way. I will however come to the course in February and do the 6 days about Trauma. C., 2016


Just finished the first weekend of the trauma module in the family constellation training I’m participating in. Very special work. Our teache Sakino Mathilde Sternberg is leading incredibly delicate issues with firm gentleness enabling the group to unravel powerful depths.
Next week starts the next yearly training. If you are looking for an ongoing transformational process, highly recommended. A.2019


Just back from a powerful and nourishing module on trauma with Sakino Mathilde Sternberg.
I am feeling particularly alive and present this morning. Being in the open energetic field is so deeply healing for me. Also having a one on one session in front of the group with Sakino- an experience of being fully met on many levels including deep energetic levels and feeling attuned to and given permission to be me and allowing all states to exist with no preference between them is so healing.
It is SO good to get my power back and be able to break cycles. So much gratitude! M.2019