My Work

My work is guided by love, compassionate curiosity, meditation, systemic thinking, humor, and a deep rooted belief that every human being is capable of living a fulfilled life, independent of age, income, profession or other external circumstances. I use a variety of methods and ways which I myself have experienced as being helpful:

  • Systemic methods support a deeper understanding of our own emotions and actions in in the frame of a bigger system (e.g family, society, company). They help finding a good place in life and keys for solutions. They are: systemic and family constellations, biographical research, role plays and others
  • Emotional work frees from emotional burdens
  • Trauma healing methods support healing on a physical and emotional level: e.g. SE, NARM
  • Sharing and listening supports trust in oneself and others
  • Dance and movement loosen the body and create endorphins and joy
  • Visualisations support the power of imagination and help manifesting goals
  • Rituals create a frame for healing to happen
  • Homework support one’s own initiative and strengthen self esteem
  • Humor relaxes
  • Meditation fills the center

Clients consult me for several concerns:

  • They wish to change something in their lives
  • They are in a crisis
  • They suffer from: burnout, anxiety, depression, addiction, physical or psychological diseases
  • They have gone through severe traumatic experiences: physical or sexual abuse during childhood or later in life, severe neglect during childhood, separation from primary persons, diseases, surgery etc
  • They have experienced trauma later in life: rape, accidents, war, violence,  illnesses, abortion, miscarriage, catastrophes, loss of home/property, loss of loved one, loss of work, mobbing, or other
  • They suffer from the effects of transgenerational transfer of trauma
  • They are in a relationship crisis/divorce/separation
  • They want to study and learn about human condition

My counseling includes:

  • Individual sessions
  • Couple- and family counseling
  • Seminars and workshops on several subjects
  • Supervision for teams, companies
  • Trainings and education for professionals: therapists, counselors, teachers, coaches, and others as well as for non professionals who wish to gain more insights and understanding.

In the first interview with a client we are looking for a fitting program together, which might include individual sessions and workshops on specific themes. Duration and format of counseling are tailored to the needs of the client.

My counseling/therapy are no substitute for psychiatric and/or medical treatment.
Therapy/counseling/ first interview are liable to costs! No health insurance cooperation.