Believing in the power of magic and creation

Believing in at least 6 impossible things before breakfast! I am a truly passionate Alice in Wonderland fan. In order to create the life that we want to live, it is in my understanding inevitable to be a little daring, and that starts with wishes and imagination of the seemingly impossible. Whether it is a passion that we pursue, a sport that we want to act out, a musical instrument we like to play, a specific work that we are passionate about, a love that we want to live… If it is a heart wish, something that we dream about day and night and cannot leave behind, well, that is the starting point of creating it. Imagine it, in all details, feel it in your heart, with all your positive emotions, and then go and create it. Stay with it, never give up on your dreams. This way all great creations and inventions were born, be it great science like Einstein, great music like Mozart, great art like Picasso or whoever has lived their dream. Never ask ‘why’, but ask yourself  ‘why not’?

Allow yourself a little Alice in your life. At the beginning of a new year this seems to be  a good way to go.