Breaking the Silence

In my understanding the healing process starts with uncovering the wounds, so that they can heal. This is true not only for physical wounds, but also for emotional, psychological wounds. And it is not only individual, but also collective. In the video I talk about my understanding of breaking the silence.


Do you trust and follow your intuition? Whenever I do, my experience is a good one. Whenever I went against my ‘gut’ feeling, I found out that it would have been better to follow it. But it is not always easy, because our minds are strong fellas and often try to convince us with ‘reason’.


This week’s ‘Sakino on Sunday’ video is about intimacy. For me this theme is a very delicate and vulnerable one, and I believe, for many others too. Please share your thoughts with me, I will be very happy to read them. I wish you all to have people in your life that you can be


This photo says probably more than thousand words. It shows the participants of the 3. module of my ‘Heal your Roots’ Family and Systemic Constellation and Trauma Healing Training. We were listening to each other’s lifestories. Each story was so unique, so moving, and the listening deepened with every lifestory. Again I experienced this part

Joy of Living

This week’s video is about the ‘Joy of Living’ . In my understanding living a joyful life includes all aspects of it, all emotions and feelings, not ‘just’ the ‘ beautiful’ ones. Waiting for better times to come after suffering through the hard times means we miss out. Live all of your life, include all,

The Healing Power of Storytelling

Dear friends and loved ones, did you ever experience that someone listened to you, I mean really listened, without interrupting, judging, making comments, questioning your story or giving advice? How was that for you? Did you feel it as a healing? In which way was it healing? In this video I share my experiences  in


Dear friends and loved ones, how are you? Really, how are you feeling? Is your patience being tested in these times? Mine certainly is. It is not easy to live in a time of uncertainty and insecurity, not knowing how and when this will end. I hope you have all the support you need to

From my heart to yours

Dear friends and loved ones, how are you? How do you feel?  How is this ongoing time of Corona affecting you as time goes by? Are you healthy, or have you or any of your family or friends been sick from the virus? I sincerely hope that you are well and that you are supported

A New Life

Dear beloved friends, in this ‘Sakino on Sunday’ video I share with you a few exercises which I adapted from Peter Levine, the founder of Somatic Experiencing,( next to a few thoughts on Easter.) These exercises help me personally when I need to calm and relax and settle back into myself. I hope that they

This touches all of us

Dear beloveds, today I am reaching out to you because of the situation that we all share due to the corona virus that affects us collectively. Mainly I want to encourage us all to stay in touch, stay connected in the ways that are possible now. Do not isolate, when you feel you need support,

Ready for change?

Yesterday was my last day at my ‘living room’ Mae Cafe Montefeore in Tel Aviv, before going back to Berlin.. I took a little time to reflect on a few things. Many times clients ask me: ‘Is there ever an end to those inner growth processes?’ What they are really asking is, is there an

Loving memory

Two days ago I was attending the commemoration of the 10. anniversary of the departure of Dan Bar On, my very dear friend, teacher and mentor, who was one of the most important people in my life. In the commemoration many people from his lifetime were speaking about him, remembering him from early childhood until

What is love?

All my life I have been busy with those questions: What is love? How can I be a loving person? Can I love unconditionally? The closest I have come to an answer is by reading  Erich Fromm, The Art of Loving. I understand: Love is not a romantic feeling that we ‘fall into’. Love is


I am sitting in Ben Gurion airport, Tel Aviv, waiting for my flight back home to Berlin. This last month was an amazing journey. First of all I celebrated my birthday here, and I felt that it was a very special event, for many reasons. My ex -husband came with his oldest son, which was


Yesterday I stood again at the corner of this boulevard which means so much to me. Everytime I walk down this beautiful avenue I recall my dear friend, mentor and teacher Dan Bar On, Israeli professor of psychology, who lived here. The fact that I am here in Israel now is thanks to him. When


Sometimes… unexpected beautiful insights arrive. Yesterday someone said to me: “Can you grant yourself this?”(in German: “Kannst Du Dir das gestatten?”) I have been reflecting about this since. Granting myself my way of living, my way of loving, my way of doing or not doing things is so much more than just doing it. It


Last week I had  a very happy and special day. I had the honour and tremendous joy to graduate 4 beautiful women from the “Heal your Roots” (HyR) Family and Systemic Constellation and Trauma Healing Training at the Humaniversity in Holland. This training contains my lifelong experiences and therapeutic knowledge, combined together in a unique

Forgiveness and Compassion

Today is Yom Kippur for the Jewish community, the day of atonement, the highest Jewish holiday. Interestingly it made me think about the concept of forgiveness which is discussed with great diversity, not only  in the therapeutic world. These thoughts came up: Forgiveness could be an act to make me feel superior to the other:

Being authentic

Yesterday I had to make a choice: either to adjust to the wishes of a friend or to be true to myself. It was not an easy situation, because there were expectations and hopes on the other side, which I would disappoint if I stayed true to myself. But if I would follow his wishes

Moments of life

At this moment I am sitting in my living room in Tel Aviv, Israel, where I spend a month to teach, give sessions, enjoy meeting my friends, trying to cope with the heat, and generally being happy.    Life has blessed me all along the way until this day, and the more I become aware

Walk the walk

My very dear teacher and friend Veeresh said many years ago: When you want to be an authentic honest teacher, you have to be the same person on stage as you are behind the stage. Wow! This was truly a discovery for me. In my studies and in my education as a therapist I had

Living Young

Many times people ask me: What is it that makes you look so young? Well, I think, mostly it is, because I have good genes. But there is also something more to it. At one point in my life I chose to live exactly how I want to, make very little compromises (only if absolutely

Free Spirit

A dear friend calls me a “free spirit”. I agree. I am a free spirit! But what does that mean? For me it means that I think and act according to my own values and standards, that I do not compromise my values for the sake of money, acknowledgement, power, career, love, or anything else,

Healing and Love

I believe in the healing power of unconditional love. This may sound illusionary or naive, but it is my own experience. I grew up in an environment of violence, abuse and restrictions of all kinds. Love was not an issue, everything was about fitting into a religious system that dealt with guilt, shame, sin, confession,


Being alone and celebrating it can be a wonderful meditation. I am still in the process of learning and enjoying aloneness. Sometimes I really do, for instance in the morning, when I wake up, make myself the first cup of delicious coffee, take it back to bed, take my iPhone, read messages, answer mails, tuning

The healing power of Family and Systemic Constellation work

Why should one attend a Family Constellation: Many of the issues that we  face in our lives today are related to our family of origin,  e.g.: Family or relationship issues, physical and/or psychological issues, such as heart disease, cancer, depression, anxiety, addiction, professional issues, and others. Family Constellation is a gentle yet powerful technique that

Born again

Today is the beginning of spring! This is the time of year when everything starts growing again. In nature and inside us there is a fresh new start, coming from what has been completed and fertilized during the dark season. As a symbol I like to look at this time as the time for new