This touches all of us

Dear beloveds,

today I am reaching out to you because of the situation that we all share due to the corona virus that affects us collectively.

Mainly I want to encourage us all to stay in touch, stay connected in the ways that are possible now.

Do not isolate, when you feel you need support, please reach out.

I am still in Israel, but I am flying back to Berlin on this Friday, 20.3., because we had to cancel our workshops here and I want to be at home in my apartment, my clinic, my town.

So I am available for sessions, maybe they have to be on skype at this time, but I am here for you.

I made the little video to encourage, uplift, motivate.

Next week I will create an online course where we can meet, share, encourage each other and do some healing together.

You are not alone. We will go through this together.

With love and gratitude