Ready for change?

Yesterday was my last day at my ‘living room’ Mae Cafe Montefeore in Tel Aviv, before going back to Berlin..
I took a little time to reflect on a few things.
Many times clients ask me: ‘Is there ever an end to those inner growth processes?’
What they are really asking is, is there an end to the pain?
My answer usually is, that I don’t know, but my own experience tells me, that when life continues, we are dealing with more and more layers of unconscious inner states, and often they go along with pain, which we would rather avoid than feel. This pain can manifest itself physically as well as emotionally, and both are sometimes hard to bear.
In the past year I have faced some challenges myself, both physical and emotional, and I have decided to look into my inner world once more. So I subscribed myself to two programs in the next half year to inquire these a little deeper. Of course, as always,  I ask myself: “Am I willing to change?”
I am still in the process of developing the ‘Yes’ answer.
I am sharing this here, because I know that making something public supports the process of gaining clarity.
Thank you for reading🙏
Please feel invited to share your challenges, I am very happy to read and listen to yours.