Ready for change?

Yesterday was my last day at my ‘living room’ Mae Cafe Montefeore in Tel Aviv, before going back to Berlin.. I took a little time to reflect on a few things. Many times clients ask me: ‘Is there ever an end to those inner growth processes?’ What they are really asking is, is there an […]

A challenging time

The last few months have been a challenging time for me, in several  areas. Therefore I was not in any mood to write on my blog. I had to first deal with those situations, before I could talk about them. I have always been like that. When I am in a challenging or scary situation, […]

Loving memory

Two days ago I was attending the commemoration of the 10. anniversary of the departure of Dan Bar On, my very dear friend, teacher and mentor, who was one of the most important people in my life. In the commemoration many people from his lifetime were speaking about him, remembering him from early childhood until […]

What is love?

All my life I have been busy with those questions: What is love? How can I be a loving person? Can I love unconditionally? The closest I have come to an answer is by reading  Erich Fromm, The Art of Loving. I understand: Love is not a romantic feeling that we ‘fall into’. Love is […]

Welcome to my new homepage

Welcome to my new homepage! I am very happy to present to you my new homepage, created with love and the wonderful support of Mandi Gould, a friend who I met in New York last year at the Frankie100 festival. This new page has so many new features to play with, and the best thing […]