I am sitting in Ben Gurion airport, Tel Aviv, waiting for my flight back home to Berlin. This last month was an amazing journey. First of all I celebrated my birthday here, and I felt that it was a very special event, for many reasons. My ex -husband came with his oldest son, which was a special gift for me, it healed many wounds from the past. And after this day something started moving inside of me. As if a door is slowly opening, How do I want to live, where. I know what I want to do, I am teaching, passing on my life experiences and my professional expertise to the next generation. That is my passion and my main focus in life. And there is also a longing to be more often in the land that calls my soul. I am in a transition again. And I love it. It is challenging, motivating, very alive, and, of course, also scary at times. But I feel ready to follow my calling. Everything is open, nothing fixed, like a river that follows it’s stream towards the ocean. I trust that life will always guide me to where I have to go.


Last Modified on August 22, 2018
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