Moments of life

At this moment I am sitting in my living room in Tel Aviv, Israel, where I spend a month to teach, give sessions, enjoy meeting my friends, trying to cope with the heat, and generally being happy.    Life has blessed me all along the way until this day, and the more I become aware of those blessings, the more grateful I become. What does that mean? For me it means that I can appreciate every moment, to be alive, to breathe, to have eyes that can see, ears that can hear, skin that can feel sensations of all kinds, a mouth that can speak, kiss, taste, a nose that can smell all the different smells. I also become aware of my physical body sensations, whether they are pleasant or unpleasant, they are welcome, all of them. I enjoy keeping my body fit and healthy, because I love my body. I also keep my mind and soul healthy by expressing my thoughts and emotions, watching them, giving myself space to heal what needs to be healed, to support what needs to be supported, try to understand myself and understand the others, and supporting them, as much as I am capable, in their lives. I am also grateful that I have food, a place to stay (including the air condition!), clothes to wear, and some more gifts of life. Being in a city that is close to the sea is one of the biggest presents I am grateful for. The sea is vital for me. Looking at the vastness, breathing the fresh air, listening to the sound of the waves breaking at the shore, letting myself be carried by the water, all of that is so nourishing, and I feel blessed every time.

When you are looking at your own life, especially in moments when you feel sad, unhappy, depressed, or troubled in any way: Is there anything that you can still appreciate and value? Please share with me  if you like.

I wish you all a good day and peace in your heart. Take care of yourself, you deserve to be happy.

Last Modified on July 26, 2017
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